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The Morning Ritual

30 Seconds Daily That Will Change Your Life!

In Burkhard Schmidt's books you will find simplicity, authenticity and wisdom, and you will witness lived joy and gratitude. „I walk the talk. I live what I write. For me there are two varieties of people that interest me: those who are happy and those who truly seek to become happy."

Install the mighty tool of a powerful morning routine in your life!


Almost every successful person cultivates his personal morning ritual. And for a good reason:

  • It focussed.
  • It aligns with the new day. .
  • It frees from thought waste.
  • It releases enormous energies.
  • It is fun and promotes health.
  • The morning ritual is the ideal start to the day!
  • Burkhard Schmidt provides a simple tool with the MR modular kit. This allows you to quickly develop your own individual morning routine.
  • Already the 30-second power formula is doping for the day.
  • The morning ritual is the first step in the early morning to live your zest for life with enthusiasm!

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